Spoonflower Fabric & Wallpaper Designs

As a designer, I am happy to say that I now offer my own original designs on Spoonflower.com.  You can purchase fabric or wallpaper from them, plus Spoonflower offers bunches of home decor items ready-made from my designs.  Check out my online shop:  https://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/shelldesign_boutique



As I add new designs, I am including some product mock-ups that shows how the items might look.  These are just a random few, but there are many more products available on my page and on Spoonflower, in general.  Please look over my designs and follow the links to each design's own individual page for more info, pictures and prices.


Black Horses Running with Lightning


Icing on the Cake

Pink and Blue Baby Pattern

I heart Horses

Butterflies, Squirrels and Sunflowers

Gold Star on Ceiling


Black Swans

 Superhero Colors and Shapes

High Heels on Purple Background

Yellow Scaley Star

Orange Southwestern Pattern

Blue Pinwheel Stars on Black Background

 Pink Floral Design with Lines


Center of the Universe


White Beams on Black


Flower Negative


Sailboat Under the Moonlight


American Civil War Reproduction Cannon


Brown Steampunk Stars

Bright Pink Beams

Pastel Crosses for Easter


White Flower with Gold Trim


Holy Bibles 

Dolphins Jumping Through Rings 


Electrifying Glass Heart

Stained Glass Visions


 White Floral Design on Brown and Yellow


Dolphin by the Shore

Red and Blue Designs on Green

Yellow and Blue Boxes with Spiral Centers


Bunnies and Butterflies

Minty Green Starburst with Blue Blades


Rainbow Cubes with Colorful Spirals


Happy Valentine's Day


Fire Diamond


Brown Wooden Dragons


Red Hearts with Yellow Roses


Muted Colors Rainbow Star


Butterflies and Daisies in Blocks


Black Bears in Circles 


Roses and Swirls


Peach Paradise 


Neon Green Star


Life is Better in Flip Flops

Pink Jeweled Star


Squirrels and Sunflowers, Oh My!


Wild Horses and Hearts on Blue Background


Textured Pale Green Stars with Beige and White Centers

Cat Says Go Away


Cute Black Puppy with Sunflower Hat


Pink Flower Blossoms


Rock-a-bye Black Kitten


3D Illusion of American Flag

Peach and Green Streamers


Red Hearts with White Roses


Sparkling Stars Design


Hidden Butterfly in Red, White and Blue