Pretty in Pink: All that is Hot in Malibu!!

Pretty in Pink: All that is Hot in Malibu!!

Issue No. 6:  Shell's Retail & Fashion Blog
Written and compiled by Shell of the Shell Design Boutique:
Updated:  August 11, 2023




It's a Pink Girl's world!  All pink, all the time!!  A certain pink lady is taking the world by storm right now!  I know I usually focus on plus size clothing trends, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to showcase the pink stuff.  And I am pleased to say many items that I have listed, come in plus sizes.  Let's jump in the pink mobile, as we find all kinds of ideas and products to help you get Pink Certified!! 

First and foremost, I have found a link to a movie that you might be interested in.  Even if you see it in the movie theatre, you may want to watch again at home!  Check out this link to preorder the movie from Prime Video, Barbie 2023 (affiliate link).

The pink girl's influence can be seen everywhere you look right now, from toys, children's clothing, adult clothing, to home decor and about anything else you can think of.  It doesn't seem to matter whether you are young or old, large or small, rich or not so rich, you crave the pink stuff. 

I have scoured the web in search of delightful pink items that should help you get your pink fix.  This list is just a start, as I'm sure I'll be adding to it as time goes by.  Most of these items are from affiliate links, so if you purchase an item through one of my links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Thank you for your support!

An obvious place to start is in the toys and children's section.  From what I can see, that area has a TON of items you can purchase, so I'll show a few that you may have missed, then move on to items for the grown-ups.  I would suggest, that if you want any of these items, you should buy them quickly, as things seem to be selling out very quickly.  Just in the short time I spent writing this blog, I have had to delete several products that sold out, so hurry!!  If you find one of these links leads to a sold out item, please message me and I will remove it.

If you are looking for a doll, there are many that are listed online. has tons of dolls and accessories currently, but items can sell out very quickly.  Check out these affiliate links with many different dolls at  or at or Ebay:


Don't forget her mobile:

As the mother of 3 girls, I know the most important thing to them is the makeup!!  Check out this nail polish set at DSW:



For those interested in some grown up, hot pink nails, follow my affiliate link to Amazon and check out their available nail sets and polishes:


How about some pink clothing items for your little one?  I can see it now.  Every little girl and, maybe boy, will walk in to school for the first day of class and it will be a sea of pink, as far as the eye can see.

I found many shirts.  This one was at Gap:



Here is a cute mini skirt for a little girl, from Bloomingdale's:


You definitely need a cute set of pajamas.



Here are some super cute pink Nike's from Farfetch.  There are several different pink colors still available.  Check them out:


If you are having trouble finding products in stock, follow this affiliate link to Amazon, to see what is still available in children's sizes.


Now for all of us who love the pink stuff, but may be a little older, I've searched far and wide for items which may be officially licensed or just be a cute shade of pink.  Again, better move quickly, it's all going fast.


I found this mobile phone case that is super cute at Revolve.  I would carry this one myself.



Are you ready to hit the gym in style?  You'll be standing out from the crowd in this pink workout outfit!



Adults need a Barbie shirt, too!!  Take a peek at this oversize one from Cottonon:



I have this top in my shop from Trendsi.  Super cute!!



I loved this one and I think you probably will too!


I love this flouncy hot pink shirt with gold stamping.



I found one with a Weekend Vibe at Walmart, check it out:



Support your favorite team and still show off your love for the pink!  Tiger Team Mascot Shirt in pink



Get ready to be pretty in pink with this beautiful top that has pom pom trimming.  Gorgeous!



You definitely need to look quickly at this button up shirt from Target.



How about this pink top from Trendsi?



You know you'll need a pink hoodie for cool evenings.  Cottonon had this one:



I like this oversize Rugby hoodie and currently has a great sale, subject to change quickly though.



Sweatpants in a very cute pink color are a must!!



These hot pink joggers are oversized and super comfy.



Or maybe you would prefer some peloton leggings in pink.  Here are some pretty ones found at Marshall's:




You will surely need a pink dress for those dressy occasions.  Here are several to choose from, ranging from casual to very dressy.

Short fun dress:



Pink and ready to move dress!  Great price on this dress, so hurry!



This pink dress really stands out and looks beautiful!  You can't go wrong with one of these.



How about showing the Love?!?  This cute dress shows lots of love and is so eye-catching!  Available in a short skater dress, a short skirt, or a long sleeve midi dress, your choice!  Love Skater Pink Dress




A beautiful hot pink ruffled dress will be perfect for a night out or even night in.



I love this gorgeous pink floral bodycon dress!



This one may not be pink, but it is extra cute and part of the Barbie Dream collection!



Here's an officially licensed Krissy skirt from Show Me Your Mumu.  Looks like a great product available in many different sizes.



Next time you are ready to hit the town, you can go in great style and bright pink.  Absolutely gorgeous!!



You still have time for a day at the beach or poolside, so you'll definitely need this hot pink Barbie swimsuit:



Don't forget your beach towels and other items!



These Barbie pajamas are so cute, plus they come in plus sizes!



I love this Barbie robe, wow, just gorgeous!



Cute pink flowers on your socks would be fabulous.  Check them out at Forever 21:



If you still looking for that perfect pink outfit, then please, use my affiliate link and head over to Amazon to see what they have available.  This link takes you directly to Barbie pink related items.


Now for my favorite part, the SHOES!!   How about these high heels?  They are low in stock, so better hurry!!



How about we try some blocky hot pink sandals at Forever 21?  Hot!!




How about a strappy high heel in hot pink??  On sale at Marshall's for only $15!  Yes! 



Maybe you also need a pair of comfortable walking shoes.  Here are some nice New Balance sneakers:



Don't forget this perfect crossbody bag from Macy's: 





How about a cute little shoulder bag in hot pink?  This one isn't too hard on your wallet either.



I'm sure you would want a super cute Barbie keychain!



Or maybe a fabric wristlet key chain would suit your style (and budget) a little better.  Pink braided wristlet key chain




Plus, I'm positive you couldn't pass on the Juicy Couture!




That may be the end of my list, but there are so many other items available that are pink doll related!  Check out my affiliate links for everything Barbie that Amazon offers online:  or you can check out Wal-mart's All Barbie collection: or Ebay's Pink offerings:

I compiled this list to help you find the pink stuff that may not be so easy to find.  Hopefully, this will help you find great products without having to do so much searching online.  This list is constantly changing, so please check back frequently and I will try to post updates.  Happy Shopping!!

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