Plus-Size Clothing: Where Are All the Cute Outfits?

Plus-Size Clothing: Where Are All the Cute Outfits?

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 Updated May 30, 2024


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Wearing plus sizes are an everyday part of our lives, but finding something cute to wear can be a real headache.  Have you ever gone to your local clothing store looking to buy a cute outfit for work or play, but couldn't find anything in your size?  Grrr!  What's a person to do?  Thank goodness for online shopping!

Finding stylish and flattering plus size clothing can be easier than you think.  Online stores like Amazon, Walmart and other marketplaces offer many items that just can't be found in your local store. In my online shop, I offer many options that I have designed myself, as well as trendy items from other sources, like Trendsi and Fashion Go.  Of course, when adding new options,  I look for CUTE plus-size clothing items. The item has to be offered in lots of sizes and the design has to really reach out and grab my attention.  That is what I love, so I'm always on the prowl for something new that is designed to take you from the office to the beach, and everywhere in between. For example, check out this gorgeous 1980's style dress that I designed. It is definitely cute and even has pockets! 


When heading to work, your outfits don't have to be boring!  Go ahead and break all the rules!  Professional attire doesn't have to be dull and blah!  From the boardroom to the classroom, a great-fitting outfit can help you feel polished and confident in your workplace.  Is there such thing as a dressy, but still cute, outfit in plus sizes? Absolutely! 

I love wearing dresses and skirt, especially those with a little stretch in the fabric for limitless movement and comfort throughout the day.   Don't forget that a nice dress or skirt can help you look professional, while still showing off your fun, flirty personality.  I think people forget about dresses and skirts, thinking they are for more formal events, like weddings.  However, dresses and skirts can be very fun to wear.  Throw on a cute cardigan or blazer and you've got the perfect work attire!

Looking for something a little more casual, but comfortable?  Many of us choose leggings as an option, especially when it's time to exercise or workout, but those can be boring and dull too. Look online for exciting new styles that will amp up your fashion game.  Many online stores offer some very cute leggings that will help you burn some calories in style. From matching sets to vibrant colors, there is something to match everyone's style and figure. In our lives today, pairing some printed leggings with a cute top are the perfect way to go.  With comfort, function and performance in mind, compression fabrics are just what the doctor ordered.

Finally, don't forget the most important piece in your closet this summer, your swimsuit!!  Looking snazzy, while still feeling comfortable at the beach or pool, is one of the most important requirements for a swimsuit.  On many sites online, you can find swimsuits in plus sizes that are just adorable. Look for matching beach towels, flipflops, tote bags, sandals, etc to complete your look! You'll be the envy of everyone when they see how stylish and put together you are when you arrive for a fun day in the water.  You can stay cool and cute, all day!   


At the end of the day, it's what you like that is the most important thing.  Browse around and see what you can find. Good shopping! 

Check out these results from a recent search on Amazon for cute plus size dresses.:  Inexpensive But Cute Plus Size Dresses!  Or try Ebay: or at Walmart:


As a designer, many times I will use Printify to help with the design process.  I've been very pleased with the results.  Check them out!


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